Panasonic KX-MB2230 Driver

Panasonic KX-MB2230 Driver Download – KX-MB 2230 Multifunction printer high speed printing from a compact design. A special ECO button located on the control panel. When selected, the ECO button allows two energy saving functions. First, the length of time before the printer enters the power save mode is set to one minute. At the same time the copy mode 2-in-1 and the duplex is automatically set, effectively reducing both paper and power consumption. KX-MB2230 is equipped with a 50-sheet automatic document feeder capable of handling the smaller A5 and A6 and A4 format. This capability is particularly useful in doctors’ offices and pharmacies where smaller document that is commonly used. It can also print to a smaller A5 and A6 sizes.

Panasonic KX-MB2230 Driver

  • 28 ppm high speed printing
  • 28 ppm duplex printing / copying
  • 500-sheet paper cassette
  • Automatic document feeder
  • Monochrome scanner and print utility easily
  • Fax functions

MFIs usually compact is designed to be used in small office or home office (SOHO) is equipped with a 250-sheet paper cassette, while commercial printing paper is usually supplied in packs of 500 sheets. Although a compact design and sleek profile, the KX-MB2230 is equipped with a large capacity cassette capable of holding a full pack of 500 sheets. So you can load all of 500 sheets at a time, and not have to leave open reams of paper lying around high office.The your performance but compact KX-MB2230 multifunction printer offers high-speed printing / copying up to 28 ppm in both simplex and duplex printing, the highest speed in its class. It also comes with an automatic document feeder, which can load up to 50 pages for scanning in small format such as A5 or A6 in addition to standard A4 format. Additional trays instructions for specific use allows you to feed one sheet sizes from A6 format to the envelope or postcard.

KX-MB2230 Software & Driver Download

Compatible Model (KX-) KX-MB2230EU, MB2270EU, MB2515EU, MB2545EU, MB2575EU, MB2235CX, MB2275CX, MB2545CX, MB2235SX, MB2235HK, MB2545HK
DP-MB310EU, MB250CX, MB250SX
Works with OS Windows® XP x86(32bit)/XP x64(64bit)
Windows Vista® x86(32bit)/x64(64bit)
Windows 7 x86(32bit)/x64(64bit)
Windows 8 x86(32bit)/x64(64bit)
Windows 10 x86(32bit)/x64(64bit)
Mac OS, Linux®
Version 1.02
PC interface LAN / USB
Support Language English

KX-MB2230 Driver Download

KX-MB2230 printer driver download and user manual guide pdf for windows, mac os and linux.

OS Windows Size Developer Download
Multi-Function Station (Including driver of “Printer”, “Scanner” and “PC FAX”) 53 MB  Panasonic download
Printer Driver for Windows Server 2008 / 2012 11 MB  Panasonic download
Multi-Function Station Updates 27 MB  Panasonic download
Device Monitor 6 MB  Panasonic download
Easy Print Utility 82 MB  Panasonic download
MFS Cleaner If you failed to install the Multi-Function Station, please download a clean up tool 1 MB  Panasonic download
Mac OS Size Developer Download
 Installer 26 MB  Panasonic download
 Printer Driver 11 MB  Panasonic download
Linux Size Developer Download
 Printer Driver 32bit 1 MB  Panasonic download
 Printer Driver 64bit 1 MB  Panasonic download
 Scanner Driver 32bit 1 MB  Panasonic download
 Scanner Driver 64bit 1 MB  Panasonic download
User Manual Guide Size Developer Download
KX-MB2230 Operating Instructions Manual MB  Panasonic download

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