Panasonic KX-MB1536 Driver

Panasonic KX-MB1536 Driver Download – Panasonic KX-MB1536 shorter, thin and lightweight, this printer the fax speed quite a bit faster. Basically the size reduction made possible smaller you can copy something big and print it with a smaller size, for example, to save paper.

KX-MB1536 Software & Driver Download

Developer :
Works with OS :
Windows® 2000/XP x86(32bit)/XP x64(64bit)
Windows Vista® x86(32bit)/Windows Vista® x64(64bit)
Windows 7 x86(32bit)/Windows 7 x64(64bit)
Windows 8 x86(32bit)/Windows 8 x64(64bit)
Windows 10 x86(32bit)/Windows 10 x64(64bit), Mac OS & Linux
Compatible Model (MB-):
MB1500, MB1520, MB1530, MB1500C, MB1520C, MB1500BX, MB1520BX, MB1530BX, MB1500CX, MB1510CX, MB1520CX, MB1530CX, MB1536CX, MB1500ML, MB1520ML, MB1530ML, MB1536ML, MB1500SX, MB1520SX, MB1530SX, MB1536SX, MB1500E, MB1520E, MB1530E, MB1500HX, MB1520EX, MB1530EX, MB1520FX, MB1530FX, MB1500GR, MB1520GR, MB1530GR, MB1500TK, MB1520TK, MB1530TK, MB1536TK, MB1500BL, MB1520BL, MB1530BL, MB1520NL, MB1530NL, MB1500GX, MB1500HK, MB1520HK, MB1530HK, MB1536HK
1.12 for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
1.13 for Windows 8/10
PC interface:
Support Language:
Size :
40 MB
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KX-MB1536 Driver Download

KX-MB1536 fax driver download and user manual guide pdf for windows, mac os and linux.

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