Panasonic KX-MB1500 Driver

Panasonic KX-MB1500 Driver Download – KX-MB1500 is admitted to the running costs of 3.8 cents per page, on the high side for a mono laser though slightly lower than the KX-MB2000 is 4.2 cents. Make your home office with a smart office multifunction printer Panasonic KX-MB1500! KX-MB1500 space saving features and a very compact body designed for home offices with limited space and includes standard print, copy and scan functions. All basic operations are carried out from the front and this design allows you to place units in your office.It also offers a convenient copy function; such as “Quick ID Copy” that allows you to copy both sides of one or more sequential ID or business card. built-in color scanner also allows you to scan in each document to a PC or Mac and store in full color in PDF, TIFF, JPEG or BMP file formats. The scanned documents can then be easily attached to an e-mail to the distribution or stored on your computer.

Panasonic KX-MB1500 Driver

Two big draw of the laser printer over an inkjet printer is the print speed and text quality. Panasonic KX-MB1500 ruled in the former considering the cheap price, suitable speed Editors’ Choice KX-MB2000 is despite having a slow printing machine-rated. text quality, though, is no better than a good inkjet and graphics and photo quality also suffers. KX-MB1500 is more compact than the KX-MB2000 and has a slightly lower running costs, though the latter has a larger paper capacity and somewhat better output quality.

KX-MB1500 Software & Driver Download

Developer :
Works with OS :
Windows® 2000/XP x86(32bit)/XP x64(64bit)
Windows Vista® x86(32bit)/Windows Vista® x64(64bit)
Windows 7 x86(32bit)/Windows 7 x64(64bit)
Windows 8 x86(32bit)/Windows 8 x64(64bit)
Windows 10 x86(32bit)/Windows 10 x64(64bit), Mac OS & Linux
Compatible Model (MB-):
MB1500, MB1520, MB1530, MB1500C, MB1520C, MB1500BX, MB1520BX, MB1530BX, MB1500CX, MB1510CX, MB1520CX, MB1530CX, MB1536CX, MB1500ML, MB1520ML, MB1530ML, MB1536ML, MB1500SX, MB1520SX, MB1530SX, MB1536SX, MB1500E, MB1520E, MB1530E, MB1500HX, MB1520EX, MB1530EX, MB1520FX, MB1530FX, MB1500GR, MB1520GR, MB1530GR, MB1500TK, MB1520TK, MB1530TK, MB1536TK, MB1500BL, MB1520BL, MB1530BL, MB1520NL, MB1530NL, MB1500GX, MB1500HK, MB1520HK, MB1530HK, MB1536HK
1.12 for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
1.13 for Windows 8/10
PC interface:
Support Language:
Size :
40 MB
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KX-MB1500 Driver Download

KX-MB1500 fax driver download and user manual guide pdf for windows, mac os and linux.

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